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Dedicated IP VPN Features:

If you order a dedicated vpn from NoodleVPN, You will get a public IP assigned Only to you on the server which you have chosen. This IP will NOT BE SHARED with any other user in the network.
You can access the server which you have bought the Dedicated IP VPN service from. This IP will remain yours the entire time your account remains active. Please note that you can't switch servers with this package.
Some users need a static IP for a particular application or website they use. There are websites that can lock access down to a particular IP to access it, in this case a static IP is needed. also there are some banking sites that will ask you security questions if you are coming in using a different IP than you had before. for example perfectmoney doesn’t allow its services for the American citizens!
If you have certain technical requirements for network setup or any other technology or application which check the IP address, then dedicated IP is the smart choice which you need. For example if you would like to use 4shared to download a file and there is another client using 4shared in the same time, you wont be able to download until he finish his downloading. With Dedicated IP VPN account you will not face this problem.

Dedicated VPN locations list.

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