Setup VPN ikev2 pptp openvpn ciaco vpn on all OS/ Devices

The list of setup VPN : PPTP , Ikev2, IPSec, OpenVPN , Cisco VPN for Windows x, Android, Apple ios, Ubuntu

For Windows users:

setup VPN PPTP for Windows 7

setup VPN for Windows 8

OpenVPN for Windows ( Easy)

OpenVPN for Windows (Standard)

Cisco VPN for Windows

setup OpenVPN Scramble (NoodleVPN does not support)

For Android Users:

setup IPSec on Android (New)

setup VPN PPTP for Android

OpenVPN for Android

Cisco VPN for Android

App Open Connect for Android (it can use instead of App Cisco)

For Apple Users:

setup IKev2 for Apple IOS

setup IPSec for Apple IOS

setup VPN for Apple IOS

setup VPN for Mac OS X

OpenVPN for Mac OS X

Cisco VPN for Mac OS X

For Ubuntu Users:

setup OpenVPN on Ubuntu

setup PPTP on Ubuntu

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