Jan 28th setup vpn windows 10

setup vpn windows 10 To setup vpn on Windows 10 you can download the vpn.pbk and change Hostname (IP address) and enter vpn username and password. The vpn.pbk is on the Email " VPN Info" that you receive after buy a vpn. setup Cisco VPN (anyconnect) on Windows 10 , 8 , 7 setup VPN ikev2 , PPTP on Windows 10 , 8 , 7 setup VPN on Android Davamını oxu »

Jan 14th New Hostname ( IP Address) for Noodle VPN users

HelloThat is notification that some Hostname ( IP Address) changed to new for VPN Ikev2. If you want to connect Ikev2 vpn for 4 servers New York, Texas, Rochester, Germany and Japan, so use IP Addresses below:New York:  ny.noodlevpn.comRochester: roch2.noodlevpn.comTexas:       tx2.noodlevpn.comJapan:       jp2.noodlevpn.comGermany:    ... Davamını oxu »

Jan 11th New VPN Germany Hostname

Dear Noodle VPN clientsWe changed Hostname for germany VPN Server to new: de2.noodlevpn.comIf you connect Ikev2 vpn, so you must use the new Ip Address de2.noodlevpn.comFor others vpn services and protocol you can use old Hostname (Ip Address): de.noodlevpn.comHow connect VPn Ikev2:vpn ikev2 on Windows x ... Davamını oxu »