Iran and Russia recently decided to ban one of the giants of the messaging applications in the world, and of course, it could be no other than Telegram. The event took place on April 16th, after a Moscow court resolved to dictate sentence against the popular application that apparently was very well-known and appreciated in the country.
The fact is not surprising at all since the messaging app was created and developed by the brothers Nikolái y Pável Dúrov, who happen to be Russian as well.

Ever since 2013, the application has been gaining great traction from all across the globe, and more lately specifically among cryptocurrency users who somehow find the app as the safest in the market to send and receive messages in a completely secure way.
In fact, that’s one of the reasons that led the Moscow court to give a prohibition order against the app, which refused to provide the Federal Security Service of Russia (FSB) with encryption keys that would concede the government full access to the data of all of the Telegram users.

As it was to be expected, the general reaction among the users was to support the application even more after it defended their security fervently. Most of the opinions were concentrated in how unfair were the authorities banning the app, and comparing such actions with the ones that China applies in their territory attempting against the freedom of people to express themselves on online platforms.

Consequently, the issue is far to be resolved as now it seems like Telegram users found a way to bypass the dictamen of the Russian authorities. It appears like the users of the application are now turning up to VPN services to still have the chance to download the app and enjoy the privacy benefits it offers.

In this matter, the chosen option is NoodleVPN a platform that provides Virtual Private Network (VPN) services in order to choose which country do you want to connect from, and additionally offering outstanding security features. The platform has been experiencing astonishing traction these days since users found in it the solution to Russia’s impositions.

Regarding this, the Chief Marketing Officer of the VPN platform gave a declaration this Wednesday, in which stated their network had experienced at least a 300 percent of increase of users from Russia, unusual behavior in that country. Related to this fact, he said:

“People simply need to connect to a VPN server (like noodle vpn) to reach any IP address where they can download Telegram. Many Russians and Iranian are becoming more technically savvy because of the Telegram block and will now be able to use VPN to unblock other sites blocked in Russia.”

Please note: with Cisco VPN (anyconnect App), Iranian users can open Telegram App.

Another platform which also experienced an increasing number of users on its network is AnchorFree, another VPN service network. The changes in this platform were not as notorious as with NoodleVPN, but still, it was established that it experienced a 28X increase in the number of users from Russia.
It remains unknown what actions the government of Russia is going to take to avoid the recent response of Telegram users. However, as of the moment, it all seems like they’re taking a breath in order to assimilate the low blow.

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

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