VPN - A General Guide

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) connects groups of devices together through a public network. After buying a VPN, a client will launch and will start communicating with a far away server. Once they are both verified, all communications will be encrypted which means you will no longer be vulnerable to people trying to look in. Sending files within a business can be vital but can also be dangerous, a VPN ensures that all files will be secure.

Why Buy VPN Server?

There are a number of reasons why you may buy a VPN server; for example, students may use one set up by their school so they will be able to access work from home or when away. Many businesses or freelance workers will use a VPN to keep their work and communications safe. Insecure networks essentially mean that anyone could be watching what you are doing and so a VPN server will give that peace of mind when doing something important.

Furthermore, if you are someone that travels a lot because of work or just because you like travelling and like to stay up to date with TV or sports highlights, a VPN would provide a good solution. Not all websites or streaming services offer their products around the world and a VPN will keep the ‘sorry, we aren't currently streaming in your location’ message at bay.

Where To Buy VPN?

If you have even completed the smallest amount of research when trying to find the best VPN provider, you will have seen that there are many options available on the market. This is often one of the biggest problems as the options become too wide and varied making the whole process a bit confusing. However, there are a few popular options that you should look towards when you buy a VPN server.

Private Internet Access - This is one of the most popular choices for those buying VPN; your privacy and security are both protected by encryption processes once you connect to their service. Furthermore, it provides the network with anonymity allowing you to pass through regional content restrictions and doesn't even log the data regarding your sessions. Private Internet Access can also be used regardless of protocol or IP address.

CyberGhost - Here, we have one of the most experienced services on the market and again, your location is anonymised and all data is encrypted. Even though you may need a subscription to benefit the most, CyberGhost even offers free VPNs if you just need a little extra security here and there. Free users can choose from 14 countries for exit servers (23 upon subscription) and no data is logged whatsoever.

IPVanish - This site uses a slightly different method by sharing IPs with its users. Thousands of IP addresses are available to use on dozens of exit servers in nearly 50 countries, in total. The location choice is mainly to get around location restrictions but it still boasts the same benefits as the others in that your activity is kept safe and anonymous.

So there we have it, VPNs are becoming an increasingly popular way to go for a whole manor of different reasons and it is easy to see why. Why not protect yourself and potentially your business with a virtual private network?

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

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